Check out the time spent doing nothing
Check out the time spent doing something else
Check out the time spent doing nothing
Dream it all over again
Cos I've been trying hard
And I've been doing these things
And you have been here with me
Now we feel like nothing much
Oh my
Refrain refrain
Time to judge another book by its cover
I don't know what it's like but I'm ready to debate
Time to judge another moment in your life
I don't know what it's like but my comments won't abate
Please refrain from it
You're showing so much hate
Please refrain from it
Or I won't come again
Time to indulge in some bad things from my heart
I know what it's like and I'm ready to operate
Do you remember Marilyn and the way she made you smile
You know the load of pain she made you forget
Another silly girl she's sitting in my car
It's time to handle it we won't have to drive far
Oh it won't really hurt if you think about something sweet
Like all the places you're heading to and will never never meet
When you think there's a problem around
Why don't you dare to say it
You made these plants grow in my backyard
Cleaned out my things till they get shiny
But what is the use of it all now
If you say you're feeling sick
There's a guy on the dancefloor and we don't want him
Cos he's moving around like a fool
And we're not sure if he's taking it easy
And we hope he won't come, come again
Sounds XI
Til I go insane
I want to feel the law of things
I want to hear your voice in my head
I need to learn
I need to learn
Oh it's okay if you teach me
Stop, come again
Feel it like a throb
Now we are still
As we lay in bed
We haven't changed over the days and the years
We still live the same way
mostly at night when a strangeness comes around
Will you do it again
Til I go, til I go, til I go insane
What's going on ?
Du-dum du-dum dumů
Wk ln
Walking alone
The love I've searched is somewhere to be found
Flying on an evening wing
High enough to look around
You don't know where you began
You keep stumbling near the start
You don't know where it's gonna end
But you won't be that far
Oh it's all undone
Well I know what comes to me
And I'll be teaching you to see
Standing alone
The love we've searched is nowhere to be found
Sailing on an evening ship
Slowly enough to break the charm
You don't know where to begin
You keep telling 'bout the start
I don't care when it's gonna end
But I do notice you look tired
Oh it's all undone
Now we know what comes to us
Ah ah